Quakers have worshipped together in Wandsworth for well over three hundred years. Our Meeting House in the High Street dates from 1778 and is the oldest in the London Area.

An all-age group of about 60 people is typical for our hour-long Sunday Meeting for Worship. We wait together in stillness for the Spirit to reach out to us. Silence prevails, deepening as wandering minds are stilled. Spontaneous spoken ministry may be offered by anyone present – these are the only words spoken during Meeting. Spiritual insights vary so uniformity is not expected.

The Meeting ends when two designated Quakers shake hands. Refreshments and warm fellowship follow. Worshippers have been strengthened for the week ahead.

Your first Quaker Meeting


A first-timer at Wandsworth Meeting might feel the tranquillity of the simple Meeting Rooms, walls wood-panelled, seats in an inward-facing square and a plain central table supporting a Bible, an anthology of Quaker writings and a small vase of flowers. The room is not consecrated. There is no altar and there are no religious symbols.

As you enter the building, you will be greeted by a member of the Meeting. After Meeting, you will be made to feel welcome over a cup of tea, when you can explore any questions or insights you might have had during Meeting.

If you feel that Quakers might be for you, we encourage you to return, but you are never under any obligation to do more than you wish.

Did you know?

Quakerism began in the mid-17th century when George Fox and his followers, disillusioned with traditional churches, were concerned for ‘God’s everlasting truth and life’. Quakers do not conform to any stated creed but hold that it is possible for worshippers to have direct experience of the divine without dependence on liturgy and clergy.

Quakers believe that religion and life are one, and that there is something sacred in everyone. Trying to put faith into practice, the Quaker community supports the promotion of freedom, equality, justice and peace.

Our details

Sunday Meeting Time: 
Midweek Meeting: 
2nd Tuesday 12.30 pm
59 Wandsworth High St
London SW18 2PT

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Co-Clerk: Susie Paskins 020 7228 1462.
Meeting size: 
Disabled access?: 
shallow step
Hearing loop?: 
Prov. for children?: 
Children’s class every week.