Banking Day 11 October 2016

In the feedback from small discussion groups we suggested:

•       Regulation which allows banks to fail

•       Investing in the community

•       City of London be converted into a not-for-profit National Wealth Service modelled on the public library system, lending valuable commodities free at point of use

•       Cross party commission on long term investment with a view to non-political regulation of finance industry

•       Financial education in the public interest, not run by bankers

•       Create community banks at local level (these are not credit unions)

•       Citizens income and income cap

•       Excluding sociopaths, addicts and fantasists from politics and banking

•       Banks to pay for their own mistakes

•       Bankers to be personally liable and accountable for the impact of their decisions

•       A balance of private and public banking local and personal

•       Move from being a passive consumer to being an active participant (change your bank)

•       Campaign for Bank of England to create money as debt, creating credit to be passed on interest free to institutions to be distributed into the productive economy

•       Regulate investment banking to prevent global corruption


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